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1907 French Gold Coin Diamond Pendant

1907 French Gold Coin Diamond Pendant

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Antique, 1907 French Coin Diamond Pendant. This one-of-a-kind pendant features an antique French coin which is adorned by a single .20 ct. natural diamond on the substantial bail. The bail and frame are both solid 14k yellow gold. The coin is 22k gold. The width of the pendant measures approximately 21.80 mm.

On the obverse (front) of the coin, shows the profile of Marianne, the personification of France, who represents liberty, equality, and reason. In 1792, the female symbol was chosen to break the outdated traditions and mentality of the French, who at the time was ruled by the old monarchy, headed by kings. Marianne's fierce image was often depicted leading men into battle. To have a woman as the emblem on official documents, coins, and stamps, was a huge step for feminism and gender equality.

The iconic Gallic Rooster is on the reverse. Since the Middle Ages, it's been a symbol of optimism representing France's progress.

Chain sold separately!

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