Jewelry is certainly one of the most meaningful accessories one can have. Whether it be your engagement ring, a gemstone necklace, or a diamond tennis bracelet, these pieces hold special meanings and represent important events. Therefore, it is very important to have them maintained by trustworthy professionals.

At Village Jewelry, we have a team of highly skilled, fine jewelry technicians on staff that can repair your most treasured gold and silver pieces. Among the issues that can be easily solved are chain and necklace repairs, ring sizing and soldering, prong re-tipping or replacement, polishing and cleaning, tightening loose stones and stone setting, refurbishing, rhodium plating, gold plating, engraving, shank replacement, and more! With our jewelry technicians’ decades of repair experience and expertise, very few jobs can’t be tackled. Our team can even turn your damaged or unwanted jewelry into sleek, wearable pieces with a brand-new look. 

Our expert repairs normally take between one and two weeks. Routine jewelry maintenance is always recommended. When you look after your jewelry, you also help to maintain the value while keeping your most precious pieces as astonishing as the day you made your purchase.  

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