Feel at ease when you come to Village Jewelry to sell your unwanted or broken gold jewelry. Unlike most other shops who will do this out of sight of the customer, Village Jewelry will sort, test, and authenticate all of your pieces right in front of you. Additionally, Juli recognizes, appreciates, and understands the value of vintage & antique pieces, and doesn’t treat everything like “scrap gold”, which is most common when selling pre-owned jewelry. If you’re not satisfied with the price offered, she can guide you in the best way to sell your items privately, with in-house refurbishing services, and written appraisals, if you wish to do so instead. In very special cases, consignment is also an option. Suffering a recent, tremendous loss herself, Juli’s compassionate nature when it comes to understanding how emotional selling estate jewelry could be, is what really sets her apart from the others.

With her expertise certified by GIA, Juli offers written, professional appraisals for insurance or personal use. The cost depends on the piece and could range from $50-$150. Village Jewelry also offers “liquidation appraisals” which entails sorting through and assigning value to an estate of someone who is not yet ready to sell, for $100 per hour.

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